I hear that Exo has developed a digital workflow solution for physicians, what is it?

Exo Works is an integrated and scalable enterprise platform that allows you to review exams, document findings, apply billing codes, and archive in the EMR or PACS — all from a mobile device or any web browser.

So, now that you told me about Exo Works, what are some of its benefits?

It’s a true end-to-end solution for encounter-based workflow, order-based workflow, or how you want to work. Your secure images and data follow you from the moment Exo Works receives them until the exam is archived.

Exo Works has an intuitive design, which means you can use it without reading the manual. Viewing exams, documenting findings, and sending data to the EMR are done with the touch of a finger, regardless of the device.

Is it possible to connect more than one ultrasound system to Exo Works?

Exo Works is a scalable configuration — ranging from one ultrasound system to an enterprise solution. Multiple departments, sites, and hundreds of systems? Not a problem!

My organization’s Quality Control department has implemented a policy requiring ultrasound examinations be completed within a specific timeframe. Is it possible to track the length of time for an ultrasound examination to be completed using Exo Works?

Yes, Exo Works can track from when the examination is received to when the examination is finalized and signed off.

My organization is interested in Exo Works, but we do not want to limit use to only a single computer in the department, can Exo Works be available on every computer in the department?

Any user of Exo Works can log in from any computer by accessing through a web client or through an app on your mobile device. Exo Works does not restrict the number of users.

I use a Mac for my operating system, is that the only OS that can be used with Exo Works

Exo Works is compatible with Windows PC and Mac. It is compatible with all major web browsers.

My organization is concerned about cybersecurity, how do my ultrasound images from our system transfer to Exo Works?

They securely connect via TLS DICOM using the best practices for encryption.

My organization uses ultrasound systems from several different companies, will Exo Works be compatible with all of our systems?

Yes, Exo Works, works with any DICOM capable ultrasound system.

My IT department has concerns over the potential loss of patients’ ultrasound studies, does Exo Works offer any type of backup?

All data is backed-up on an AWS server where storage is unlimited. Using Amazon’s S3 Replication service, copies of patient data are created and duplicated when stored.

In today’s environment, how is Exo Works installed?

Exo Works software is installed remotely via the internet on an AWS server. Exo Link software is installed remotely via the internet on a server in the organization’s datacenter.

My organization does ultrasound in several different departments, does Exo Works connect in more than one department?

Yes. Exo Works allows you to customize your operational needs. You can use Exo Works in multiple departments. You can also customize Exo Works for each environment.

Several of the physicians at my organization like to include a report with their ultrasound study. Does Exo Works allow me to generate an exam specific report?

Yes. Exo Works generates a wide variety of user-configurable reports that follow ACEP reporting guidelines. These guidelines can be found here.

We are in the process of having all our physicians credentialed that use ultrasound, is it possible to track and generate a report of the exams my physicians have completed?

Exo Works provides a credentialing path for exams generated by students, residents, or other physicians to be instantly available for review by an expert. Reports tracking training progress, quality, and efficiency are available for individual providers and program administrators.

Does Exo Works store video clips as well as single-frame images? Are there any limitations to what I can store?

You can store as much as you want — any type of DICOM ultrasound images including clips, single-frame images, and 3D rendered images).

I am an extremely busy attending physician, with very little time to sit in front of a desktop computer, can I use Exo Works from my mobile device?

Yes, Anything you can do on a desktop, you can do just as easily in the mobile app.

My facility uses an EMR for reporting as well as a PACS system for image storage, can Exo Works connect to both these options?

Yes, Exo Works will connect to any EMR or PACS system.

Does Exo Works communicate with Active Directory systems?

Yes, Exo Works connects with any organization’s on-premise Active Directory systems and supports the LDAP protocol for user authentication.

Does Exo Works communicate with PACS or VNA systems?

Yes, Exo Works connects with any PACS or VNA for LTS or archiving.

Our dept creates orders for all our ultrasounds. Does Exo Works work within that environment?

Yes, Exo Works accommodates any workflow you have, including order-based workflow or encounter-based workflow.