5 Courses That We're Excited About at ACEP

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and the days are shorter. Yes it’s fall, but it’s also conference season! The Exo team is ready to leave our hibernation and safely travel to Boston for this year’s ACEP conference. We’re most excited about engaging in long overdue in-person socially distanced conversations and learning (say that 3X fast). What courses are on top of our list, you ask? Well, you came to the right place.

Cruising the Literature: Updates in Airway Management

Faculty: Haney Mallemat, MD
Tuesday, October 26th 12:30-1:20pm EST

Exo's take: There continues to be more and more scenarios where the implementation of ultrasound can be useful in the Emergency Department. Airway management is one of them. We’re looking forward to seeing the latest techniques on how ultrasound can be used in this very common event in the ED.

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Emergency Ultrasound 101: 10 Things You Need to Know for Your ED Community Gig

Faculty: Benjamin C. Smith, MD FACEP

Tuesday, October 26th 3:30-4:20pm EST

Exo's take: Everyone can benefit from POCUS, even in small community hospitals. We’re excited to learn about the applications most important to our community doctors so we can better serve them.

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Procedural Ultrasound
Faculty: Arun Nagdev, MD
Tuesday, October 26th 1:30-2:20pm EST

Exo's take: Procedural ultrasound guidance is a no brainer! Why go in blind when you can see exactly what you are doing? We can’t wait to hear our Senior Director of Education, Dr. Arun Nagdev, share the importance of procedural ultrasound guidance and demonstrate how to use needle-guided ultrasound for the following procedures:

  •     Central venous catheter placement
  •       Localizing vertebral interspace for lumbar puncture
  •       Removing fluid from the pericardium

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Soundwaves & Soft Tissues
Faculty: Star Knight, MD
Wednesday, October 27th 10:30-10:50am EST

Exo's Take: Musculoskeletal ultrasound is an incredible tool to utilize in the emergency room for rapid evaluation of soft tissue injuries. We are excited to see the latest tips and tricks from Dr. Knight on how she utilizes MSK ultrasound in her practice.

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Lung Ultrasound in the ED
Faculty: John Michael Bailitz, MD FACEP
Thursday, October 28th 8:30-8:50am EST

Exo's Take: Lung ultrasound - especially in the time of Covid - has become even more important. We’re eager to discover how early implementation of ultrasound helps physicians better manage their patients by identifying cardiac and pulmonary etiologies of dyspnea.

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Without a doubt, there is an incredible line-up of experts at ACEP. Who are you most excited to hear from? What topics are getting your attention this year?

Interested in learning a bit more about what we are up to at ACEP? Contact us here to meet up!