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Exo Silicon

Precision Meets Performance


Reinventing the physics of ultrasound

It’s not just a chip. It’s what’s on it. Exo Silicon is designed with patented ultrasound technology that combines advances in nanotechnology with cutting-edge chip design to create an unrivaled instrument.

pMUT Technology

Imaging for the future

Exo Silicon is built using Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (pMUT)-based chip technology that blends the proven imaging excellence of piezoelectric crystals with the affordability of silicon. Thousands of micromachines on silicon wafers function like guitar strings that can send and receive countless tones. Each chip’s unparalleled sensitivity allows you to see deep into the body or track fine structures.

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Harmonic imaging
Real-time, on-device AI
Ultrawide field-of-view
Three-in-one imaging

A Range That Reaches Farther

Each of the 4096 pMUTs on our silicon can move individually, which creates ultra-high dynamic range. Even in low frequency, we can generate crystal-clear images.

Even the faintest echoes don’t go unnoticed. Ultra-low noise amplifiers pick up the intense sound pressure levels Exo Silicon can create, which makes harmonic imaging and therapeutics a breeze.

Future-Proofed Tech

Our category-redefining technology has you covered today, tomorrow and beyond.


The new age of ultrasound

It’s here. Packed into a handheld device that fits in your pocket, Exo Iris™ is the vision of pMUT technology realized today. With deep, wide, and clear imaging, caregivers can do their jobs with ease and confidence.

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Diagnose in three dimensions

We’re just getting started. Looking into the future, the promise of pMUT technology will enable powerful 3D imaging. Caregivers will be able to see even better into their patients to make faster diagnoses.

Harness realism with 4D scanning

See every structure, even better. pMUT technology even has the potential to harness 4D imaging for real-time answers. The future is bright when caregivers can see into their patients with the greatest clarity.

Let's Make Music Together

A healthier world is waiting. We believe technology this powerful should be available for others to help create the future.


Let’s combine forces. We partner with leading companies to leverage Exo Silicon across a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications—from tomography machines to wearable devices and much more.

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Potential applications

  • Patches
  • Acousticeuticals
  • Tomography
  • HIFU
  • Neural Communications
  • Catheters

Welcome to the future of ultrasound