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We’re taking medical imaging where you never thought it could go—

Doctor holding child

Care Unconstrained

Through the power of an ultrasound ecosystem designed for the point of care, we’re building a future that isn’t bound by hospital walls. A future where every body can get immediate medical answers. Where care is unconstrained.





Simplicity in focus

Above all, we focus on simplicity. And simplicity is not simplistic. It takes thought and attention. We strive to reshape complexity into an experience that’s delightful.

Invention from experience

Groundbreaking technology doesn’t appear out of thin air. When you combine clinical experience with technical innovation, that’s where the magic happens. We’ve assembled the greatest minds into the same room. It’s a powerful combination.

Authenticity matters

What you see is what you get at Exo. We think honesty is best. And frankly, we like being ourselves.

People serving people

Companies that don’t help people shouldn’t exist. Our people are good people who care about our customers—and the people they care for. Changing the world doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here for the long haul.

Making Our Vision a Reality

Exo's foundation is built upon the values of its leadership. Through relentless dedication and decades of honed experience, we are making their bold vision a reality. Our ultrasound ecosystem is just the start.

See Technology

Exo is comprised of people who have dedicated their lives to conquering difficult engineering challenges and building exceptional businesses. With proven expertise in the worlds of material science, microelectronics, miniaturization, software, and data science, Exo has combined extraordinary individuals into an extraordinary team.

Meet the Team
Sandeep Akkaraju

Sandeep Akkaraju

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Yusuf Haque

Yusuf Haque, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, EVP Engineering

Lori Munoz

Lori Munoz

Chief Financial Officer

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