Going to ACEP '22? Here’s What We’re Excited For

Now that ACEP 2022 is just around the corner, we at Exo can smell the excitement in the air. Can you? ACEP is the largest Emergency Medicine conference in the world and having it in San Francisco this year means it’s in our backyard! There will be over 25 ultrasound courses available, and some are even duplicated due to the demand.

We are getting more eager by the day to come to San Francisco’s George R. Moscone Convention Center – and the reasons vary depending upon which Exo team member you ask. We caught up with a couple of people here at Exo to ask what they are most for at ACEP this year – here are their responses:

“Very excited to attend 2022 ACEP to catch up with customers, colleagues and friends to share/exchange ideas on improving patient care through the responsible delivery of point of care ultrasound.”

—Brian McHugh, Director of US Government Accounts

“I have worked many years in the ultrasound industry and built many quality relationships. I am very much looking forward to seeing many of these colleagues whom I worked so closely with in the past. We may work for different companies now, but there are so many memories and so many good times. Enjoy your quality work relationships today. These do not last forever.”

–Don Rainville, Clinical Project Manager

“I’m really interested in the ‘2022 Disasters in Review: Are we Over it Yet’ course. The way disasters have impacted and changed emergency medicine is fascinating. Marry that with the question: how do you increase the tools available to doctors for this type of patient care? It’s a real focus on the patient experience.”

—Emily McIlwain, Customer Success Director

“I am most excited to reconnect with old colleagues and friends. ACEP is an incredible assembly of some of the best people in the field and industry and I look forward to learning what everyone has been accomplishing.”

—Tanya Frane, Associate Director of Clinical Operations

"My favorite thing about ACEP is getting to hear from all the influential and dynamic physicians who are leading medicine forward. It's so exciting to learn about where medicine is going and what is top of mind for ER physicians."

—Shawna Faris, Associate Director of Digital Marketing

“At ACEP this year, I’m excited to hear directly from emergency physicians about their experiences – what they do, and what they wish they could do. I’m also looking forward to engaging with innovative companies that are charting the future of medicine. I am energized to see how we could activate partnerships together, to help clinicians deliver the most meaningful care to patients.”

—Lisa Tollman, VP of Strategy and Business Development

"I always welcome the opportunity to see our customers and listen to their interests, needs and concerns firsthand. It confirms that we are doing meaningful work in trying to solve real problems. At ACEP, I'll try to attend as many lectures as possible on the Emergency Imaging Track. Looking forward to it!"

—Antoanela Gomard, VP of Quality and Regulatory Affairs

“ACEP is a great opportunity to learn, meet with friends and colleagues, and discover new opportunities to help make a difference with our customers and patients. From “Ultrasound Applications for Your community ED Gig,” to “Critical Care Ultrasound,” to “Lung Ultrasound in the ED,” what an incredible opportunity to learn from the experts. A lecture that specifically caught my attention is “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: The Patient, Trainee, & Leadership Perspective”—while this lecture is focused on the emergency medicine landscape, it’s a topic contemporary to all everyone, every business, and every community. I know firsthand how powerful diversity, equity, and inclusion can be in business. At Exo, we have one of the most diverse and talented teams in the industry, and the spirit of equity and inclusion helps drive our innovation and progress. It’s a magical combination for success. In addition to ACEP’s lectures and courses, the Emergency Ultrasound Section meeting is always a must-attend to get caught up on the latest policy issues & initiatives, and to hear from the leadership in POCUS about the various programs and successes over the past year. The medical community and ultrasound industry have come so far, yet there remains so much more to accomplish. Such an exciting opportunity to make a difference all around!”

—Jeff Peiffer, VP of Marketing

“At ACEP, I’m mainly looking forward to meeting attendees and learning about them, since it’s my first time at this conference. I want to find out what sessions attendees are excited about this year, and why. I also want to know how U/S directors are running their POCUS teaching programs, and what are some challenges that should be a high priority to address.”

—Veena Kumar, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

“I'm excited to expand my knowledge of the latest research and practices in Emergency Medicine, specifically around ultrasound's evolving role in managing Cardiopulmonary diseases. There are many lectures I am eager to attend, including the ones by Drs. John Bailitz, Benjamin Smith, and Arun Nagdev. I'm also looking forward to conversations around AI's role in reimagining ED Ultrasound workflows.”

—Dornoosh Zonoobi, VP of Artificial Intelligence

“Several ACEP physicians spent significant time helping us innovate this year. Showing up on Zoom after night shifts, digging into every step of the ultrasound workflow, marking up assets and testing prototypes. We can’t thank them enough! Hoping to celebrate over drinks and good food!”

—Marta Crowe, Sr. UX Designer and Researcher

“Emergency Medicine physicians have paved the way for POCUS over the last two decades. ACEP is a great opportunity to discover where they’re headed next with this essential imaging technology. I’m also looking forward to engaging with physicians and attending a myriad of courses — such as ‘10 Ultrasound Applications for Your Community ED Gig’ and ‘Upper Body Regional Nerve Blocks’ where I can see Dr. Arun Nagdev, Exo’s Sr. Director of Clinical Education, in action. And of course, I can’t miss the one and only, Dr. Glaucomflecken!”

—Nicole Winokur, Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing

The Exo family is a social bunch. As you can tell, our relationships within the medical community are driving a significant amount of excitement among our teams for ACEP 2022, which is why so many have mentioned connecting with others at the event. If you see one of us at the conference, tell us hi!

Look for us on the tradeshow floor, and—if you’re interested—sign up for an exclusive demo of our POCUS workflow solution, Exo Works™.

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