Strategic Supply Chain-Focused Investors Advance Exo’s Ultrasound Platform

At the foundation of Exo’s revolutionary imaging technology is a very physical, material-based innovation. As Exo scales its handheld imaging platform across the global healthcare system, a series of loyal company investors have helped both finance and guide Exo’s complex supply chain formation — as well as the overall company vision.

Intel Capital, TDK Ventures, Compal and Applied Ventures, LLC have all been integral to Exo’s development as a full-fledged health tech company rather than simply a medical device venture. This expansive vision of Exo’s impact on healthcare is complemented by deep expertise in chip manufacturing and chip set innovation.

Intel Capital is well known as an investor in emerging technologies from 5G and cloud computing to the core of its parent company’s mission — silicon chip innovation. With a deep track record of investing in disruptive innovation, the company has powered the growth of a whole host of household names in technology. To learn more about this deep material experience and how it fueled Exo’s innovation journey, we caught up with Eric King, investment director for Intel Capital, and Christian Buerger, director of portfolio development at Intel Capital, on the opportunity they saw in investing in Exo.

On the size of Exo's Market Opportunity:

“Over half of the world’s population has no access to medical imaging and Intel Capital has a mission to positively enrich the lives of everybody in the world. Exo directly addresses the lack of medical imaging access.”

On the patient outcomes powered by Exo:

“Healthcare can drive better patient outcomes through AI, delivered at a lower cost through a broader set of providers, opening up new and better care for patients who previously did not have access to high-quality care. Exo’s integrated, end-to-end, AI-driven decisions support an expanding user base.”

On Exo’s advantage:

“Exo’s piezoelectric transducer is a differentiator that allows the company to have the ability to deliver low-cost, high-quality imaging to new and expanding audiences.”

On Exo’s team:

“The team of experts at Exo have experience in developing and delivering global innovation in medical technology. It’s a proven team with a tremendous track record.”

On the silicon technology fueling Exo’s innovations:

“The company’s silicon innovation is delivering lower cost architecture that is highly scalable and easily integrated into the cloud.”

Just like chip technology is foundational to the advancements in everything from cloud computing to mobile gaming, Exo’s deep silicon expertise matched with the support of investors who have long track records of chip innovation is the perfect equation for propelling the company into new medical innovations and revolutionary health technology advancements.

Exo’s partnership with investors who specialize in the technical and critical technology terrain of the silicon supply chain will prove invaluable as the company continues to scale its supply chain, pioneer new chip-based medical solutions and bring new ultrasound capabilities to market across a line of devices and software.

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