Welcome to Inside the Exo Chamber

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Who are we and where do we come from? Greg “The Canuck” Miller Greg is Canadian, but don’t hold that against him (just kidding, Canada is awesome). He is also the Senior Director for Global Enterprise Sales for Exo. Due to his extreme (?) intelligence he has held positions in sales leadership, sales, and clinical applications over the last 20 years. Greg has worked with medical imaging technology forever and used to do adult echocardiography, so you can listen to about half of what he says. Andy “The Windbag” Berthusen Andy loves the Cubs and the Beatles. He is also our Vice President of Sales. He has some experience we are told, but we are not sure in what exactly, besides craft beer. He talks often about ultrasound, orthopedic implants, and obscure Beatles facts, and says he used to work at Johnson & Johnson and GE Healthcare, but we’re not completely sure. Having said that, we like him and will probably keep him. This first episode of the podcast also features a guest interview with Dr. Janusz Bryzek, Exo's Co-Founder and Board Chairman.