Exo WorksTM

Your POCUS workflow solution.

Point-of-care ultrasound just got a whole lot easier. Exo Works is an intelligent and intuitive ultrasound workflow solution that lets you document exams in seconds and easily manage QA from anywhere. So you can focus on more important things, like your patients.


From soul-crushing to state of the art.

Patient entry and documentation don’t have to be a buzzkill. Start off right with fast and flexible patient entry—barcode*, worklist or manual. Finish with documentation in seconds for encounter-based or order-based workflows. All while enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere—bedside or remote.

The result? Better patient care and more revenue with less effort.


Scanning to billing
in seconds.


Scan with any DICOM-enabled ultrasound machine.


Review and document findings in seconds.


Automatically save to EMR and PACS for billing and storage.


Securely distribute and access ultrasound exams through the cloud.

Dump your DIY system for the QA tool of your dreams.

Go from hot mess to no stress with built-in QA and credentialing tools to automatically track and manage your POCUS program. With Exo Works, ultrasound exams are instantly available for review and collaboration wherever you are—work or home. Fast loading images, simple markup tools and image tagging makes QA review a breeze and real-time feedback a reality.

Swipe left on chaos.

We're your perfect match.

No more ghosting.

Ghost exams? Busted. Quickly assign your ghost or phantom ultrasound exams to yourself or another performing physician.

Or catfishing.

Wrong patient? No sweat. Easily update through manual entry, barcode* or select the existing patient order from your worklist.

Or pretending to be perfect.

Wrong worksheet? It happens. Change the ultrasound exam type in a few taps. You can even split or merge multiple exams.

Or changing direction.

Learning the ropes? Been there. Simply tag an exam as educational for compliance with the touch of a button.


Less Management. More Mentoring.

Put your program on auto-pilot. And step on the gas. Up engagement with automatic notifications and track real-time progress with individual and team* dashboards. Credential learners faster and improve skills for all performers.

Rock Solid Security

Nothing gets lost. Nothing gets in.

Exo Works is designed to help you stay safe and ahead. HIPAA compliance, ISO 27001 certification, data encryption and other important protections will be hard at work keeping your institution and patients secure.

We know that the details matter.

Take a look through our technical specifications to see if Exo Works is right for your organization.

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Find out how easy it is to simplify your POCUS workflow today.

*Product features may not be available for sale or subscription in all markets.