Tech Specs-Exo Works

Cloud Platform

AWS server

Unlimited storage

Load-balancing for performance optimization

Compute resources adapt to your workload

Data redundancy maintains integrity

Security / HIPPA

Data encrypted in transit

Data encrypted at rest

User access restricted by profiles

Connects to on-premise Active Directory

Connects to on-premise SSO

Two-factor authentication

Audit logs

Auto log-off

Anonymized patient data

Software penetration tests


Interface engine securely connects on-premise systems


Active Directory (LDAP)

Single sign-on

DICOM interfaces

Any point of care ultrasound systems

DICOM modality worklist

PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) interface

HL7 protocol

Admit/Discharge/Transfer (ADT)

Ultrasound Orders

Exam Results / Report

User access

Windows PC


Compatibility with all major web browsers

No client application required


Order-based workflows

Encounter-based workflows

Worklist for minimized manual entry

Mobile-enabled workflow

Exam folders for task prioritization

Separate flagging and routing of educational exams

Automated workflows after exam completion

Attending physicians receive notifications and exams for approval

Exam Documentation

User-configurable worksheets

Diagnostic and procedure-specific worksheets

Convert worksheet into exam report

Required fields

Conditional fields

Quick fill for negative exams

Integrated CPT codes for convenient billing

Review, approve, and sign on a mobile device

Quality Assurance

Direct resident-to-attending workflow process for education

Direct physician-to-attending workflow process for credentialing

User configurable worksheet for assessment and exam grading

Flagging of exams requiring feedback review

Exam Lists

Exams stored in folders based on exam status

Inbox for exams requiring immediate action

Appealing card format for exam list view

Search by patient, provider, exam type and more

Search for tagged exams

Delete exams

Exam Viewer

Server-side image rendering

Still images

Image clips

Multiple display formats

Delete images

Export images

Place annotations on images

Tag exams of interest

Select a patient or ultrasound order using worklist

Select from a list of exam types

Document exams using exam specific worksheets

Favorite an exam

Insights and Metrics

Graphic display of data

Training program progress metrics

Exam quality metrics

Exam efficiency metrics

Billing metrics

User-specific reports

Dedicated access for directors and other administrators


Streamlined set-up and configuration

Robust interface engine

Pre-configured interfaces

Scalable configuration (one user to enterprise)

Exams sortable by facility, specialty, etc.

User groups

User group security profiles

Configurable exam types

Configurable worksheets

User Interface

View exams received from any DICOM-enabled ultrasound system

Inbox/folders for exam classification

Multi-parameter search

Robust exam viewer

Worklist for patient or order selection

Worksheet for exam documentation

Attending exam review/approval workflow

Electronic signatures


No delays when loading exams

Robust image viewer

Document exams in under one minute on a mobile device