What We’re Up To

We are taking medical imaging where you never thought it could go — everywhere.

What Drives Us


Simplicity in focus

Above all, we focus on simplicity. We strive relentlessly to simplify processes and communications, not to mention our products and services. Simplicity is not simplistic. It takes thought and attention.


Invention from Experience

Groundbreaking technology doesn’t appear out of thin air. When you combine clinical experience with technical innovation—that’s where the magic happens. We’ve assembled some of the greatest minds in technology and healthcare, and we believe it’s a powerful combination.


Authenticity Matters

We think it’s important that what you see is what you get. And frankly, we like being ourselves instead of something we’re not. When you interact with Exo, we hope you’ll want to get to know us even better.


People Serving People

A company isn’t anything if it isn’t focused on positively impacting the world. Our people are good people, who care about our customers and about the people they care for. We’re not so pretentious as to think we can change the world with a wave of our magic wand, but we sure are going to try.


Meet the Team

We have dedicated our lives to conquering difficult engineering challenges and making thoughtful and complex decisions that has brought forward bold technologies and built exceptional businesses. Our proven expertise in the worlds of material science, microelectronics, miniaturization, software, and data science have been melded together to form an extraordinary team—one that is ready to revolutionize medical imaging.

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