Ultrasound Reinvented.

Pure Performance

Engineered to exceed expectations.

Exceptional image fidelity, penetration depth, and 3D imaging capabilities are now possible on a silicon-based chip that can be used in the most demanding applications — from high fidelity imaging to HIFU-based therapeutics.


Piezo meets Silicon

In developing our platform, we refused to be compromised by the limitations of decades-old capacitive technology. Instead, we invented a new performance, micro-machined ultrasound technology (pMUT) that marries nanoscale piezoelectric materials with cutting edge semiconductor capabilities.

Universal Transducer

One chip for the whole body.

Discover an ultra-wide-band transducer that is capable of imaging the whole body. Now you can use the same transducer for imaging the heart or the abdomen, or looking at vasculature or musculoskeletal features.

Beyond The Box

Ultrasound everywhere.

We believe technology so powerful should be utilized by others as well. That’s why we are partnering with leading companies so that they can leverage our platform across a broad range of diagnostic applications — from tomography machines to wearable devices, and much more.