The most advanced ultrasound silicon in the world

Silicon Meets Piezo


Combining advances in nanotechnology with cutting edge chip design to enable an unrivaled instrument, Cello™ is engineered at an atomic scale to deliver an ultra-wideband low voltage pMUT transducer with unprecedented performance and acoustic efficiency.

At the heart of Cello™ is a revolutionary pMUT with our proprietary acoustic waveguide capable of creating and receiving deep bass frequencies and sublime high notes needed for stellar imaging.

An Orchestra on a Chip

From Symphony
to Epiphany

Cello™ features a Full Matrix of 4096 patented pMUT transducers that are conducted like an orchestra

Every pMUT is individually synchronized to the nanosecond to create an ultrasonic concert like no other.

Sonography to Tomography

Diagnose in
three dimensions

On-chip 3D acoustic beam-steering and focusing, micro-beam formation, combined with high speed compute, allow Cello™ to obtain and dice 3D volumetric images. That way, you get the full picture any way you slice it.

Ultra-High Dynamic Range

Each of the 4096 pMUTs on Cello™ features individual transmit and ultra-low noise receive electronics allowing an industry leading dynamic range.

Cello™ can create intense sound pressure levels required for multi-harmonic imaging and therapeutics while its ultra-low noise amplifiers can record the faintest incoming echoes.

Make Music Together

We believe technology this powerful should be available for others to help create the future.

That’s why we partner with leading companies to leverage our silicon technologies across a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications – from tomography machines to wearable devices and much more.
Potential applications:
pMUT, Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer, ultrasound chip
  • Patches
  • Tomography
  • Catheters
  • Neural Communications
  • Acousticeuticals
  • HIFU