Exo Works™ : Say Hello to an Imaging Workflow You’ll Actually Love

Author: Sandeep Akkaraju, Co-Founder and CEO of Exo

Breaking the Ultrasound Workflow Chain of Pain

What if hospital technology was a delight to use? What if your experience for performing a point-of-care ultrasound could be as seamless as using your favorite smartphone app? A few clicks and done. Imagine this being possible all while giving patients great, attentive care.

To get answers fast, an ultrasound performed at bedside can be a powerful tool. An instant window into the body, point-of-care ultrasound allows doctors in critical situations—such as in emergency medicine—to make more informed decisions to save lives. But to document a point-of-care ultrasound scan afterwards, each hospital has its own workflow system. Physicians are using a hodgepodge of activities and do-it-yourself solutions to properly document, store, and bill exams. Flash Drives. Excel spreadsheets. Ancient middleware. They could be even taking and sharing images with phones. All of these off-the-grid activities cause inefficiencies, security issues, and lost revenue.

Physicians and clinicians get creative to fill in gaps when ultrasound exams can’t transfer to PACS and EMR systems, with lack of connectivity being a major contributor to this issue. As a result, an ultrasound might be performed under the radar, or not performed at all. Plus, when a lot of brain power and time goes into executing tedious steps that aren’t dedicated to patient care, it can lead to healthcare burnout. It’s an utterly avoidable situation. But it’s one that I’m happy to say, finally has a solution.

Introducing a Workflow That Works

With Exo’s announcement of our new point-of-care ultrasound workflow software, Exo Works™, we are finally able to share the fruits of our labor with the public. Exo Works gives full control to the physician to effortlessly document and manage exams in just a few taps, without the worry for skipped procedural steps along the way. Exam, documentation, quality review, and billing steps? They are all in the same place, at your fingertips. And with a mobile-first design, physicians can access everything at the bedside or on the go.

Developing the ideal workflow that puts the emphasis back on patient care requires hard labor, thought and most importantly an eye for simplicity. Simplicity is anything but simple. With Exo Works you’ll find an experience that is at once familiar and unobtrusive. A lot of heavy lifting goes on behind the scenes to deliver an utterly delightful experience that allows you to focus on your patients as opposed to tedious documentation.

It’s a Game Changer

Exo Works has already started to turn heads in the healthcare industry.

Dr. John Wipfler, Attending Emergency Physician at OSF Healthcare – St. Francis Medical Center, shared his thoughts with the Exo team on the inadequacy of current workflow solutions he encounters, “It’s like having a top-of-the-line sports car but no paved roads to drive it on; we simply lack the infrastructure necessary for physicians to take full advantage of the benefits of ultrasound. Exo Works is finally solving that problem.”

Dr. Joseph Minardi, Director of West Virginia University’s Medical Center for Point-of-Care Ultrasound, also recognizes the need for better workflow infrastructure to support ultrasound. After integrating Exo Works into the medical school program, he remarked, “Before Exo Works, we used a do-it-yourself system of spreadsheets to help our students learn; it was cumbersome and time-consuming. Now with Exo Works, I am able to review images from my students much more quickly and provide timely critiques in order to help my students master ultrasound. It used to take an hour or more to provide feedback, now it only takes a few minutes. When you have doctors working long shifts, an intuitive, easy-to-use system like Exo Works makes life so much easier.”

Since Exo Works uses the AWS cloud, we maintain standards of security and compliance, while also keeping agility in focus. Exo Works is also device-agnostic, which means it can integrate with most preexisting healthcare devices and software.

Designed for speed with patients and physicians at the forefront, Exo Works is healthcare’s most intuitive workflow solution, with the ability to tailor to every point-of-care ultrasound need. It’s a delight to use. Physicians, billing departments, cybersecurity teams, and hospital administrators—they will all love it. But most importantly, patients will reap the benefits of better, more efficient healthcare.

Learn more about Exo Works, on our webpage.