Highlights from ACEP ’22

Even though another year of ACEP is behind us, the team here at Exo is still talking about it. It was good to see many old friends and meet new ones, whether we were attending numerous lectures, eating way too much at nearby restaurants, or sharing laughter over ping pong at our annual happy hour event. It was an absolute joy to speak with so many of you at the conference. We walked away feeling incredibly refreshed and energized by the activity at emergency medicine’s forefront of innovation.

Here are a few of the ACEP ’22 highlights from some of our teammates:

“Amazing energy at this year’s ACEP—specifically, on the hot topics of POCUS usage, workflow and artificial intelligence. The ACEP Ultrasound Section meeting and Industry Round Table discussions were especially informative. This is the opportunity for the industry to hear firsthand about the challenges that emergency medicine physicians are facing, and where we at Exo can translate these learnings into simpler, better-connected solutions that are built for them.”

—Nicole Winokur, Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing

“Attending the Industry Roundtable meeting has always been one of my favorite sessions at ACEP. This year was no exception. Excited to take the feedback from the Emergency Medicine community and continue to make great solutions for helping solve physicians' pain points.”

—Jonathan Bowman, Clinical Sales Manager

“I attended many ACEP courses this year. One of my favorites was ACEP’s ‘Emergency Ultrasound section-IT 101.’ It was put on by Dr. Rob Ferre and Dr. Christian Dameff. It was very informative on how to implement the (long and tedious) process of a standardizing POCUS workflow, and it also covered the basic vocabulary of IT for POCUS. Plus, this year ACEP had puppies to pet and cuddle with!”

—Beth Dunfee, Clinical Project Manager

“Highlight for me was the Industry Round Table, a well-attended session by POCUS thought leaders and engaged vendors. I love the collaborative nature of IRT, listening to what really matters to physicians. I love bringing back the customer pain points so our product teams can start working on solutions that make our products better. I was also excited to see A.I. becoming more and more top of mind for this important KOL group.”

—Drake Guenther, Senior Director, Applications Software

“‘The sky is the limit’ was my takeaway from ACEP 2022 based on my experiences/interactions with customers, colleagues, and friends—truly an amazing time to be in point-of-care ultrasound.”

—Brian McHugh, Director, US Government Accounts

“ACEP is back! It was great to see the floor buzzing and the courses packed with inquiring minds. I personally enjoyed hearing the masters of their craft showcase how to utilize POCUS in the ED. My favorite course was ‘Emergency Imaging | Procedural Ultrasound’ by John Bailitz, MD, FACEP on how lung ultrasound can help quickly improve diagnosis and patient care. My other favorite moment was listening to Dr. and Lady Glaucomflacken give an emotional and hilarious keynote on the importance of recognizing and supporting co-survivors of emergency events.”

—Shawna Faris, Associate Director, Digital Marketing

If you didn’t see us at the conference and want to connect, contact us here. We’d love to see how we can help.

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